Intelligent Deposit Safes

Metcash Alliance Partners customers can access preferred rates through Sprintquip on market-leading Intelligent Deposit Safes.

Safes are the oldest and most traditional way to store cash. However, thanks to today’s technology and unique business requirements, traditional Safes have matured to be smarter and more secure than ever.

Cash is quickly counted and validated as it is deposited, and each operation is logged in detail to allow to track the safe’s contents and easily reconcile the end-of-day cash up.

SprintQuip selected the best and most relevant Intelligent Cash Safes from all over the world to accommodate the Australian Retail Industry. The below, have been picked to help businesses secure cash without disrupting the store’s operations.

Located at the point of sale, the CCi allows for cash to be quickly and simply deposited without the need for staff to leave their workstations.

Once fed into the CCi unit, notes are counted, validated, stacked and secured with 100% accuracy in unique tamper-proof pouches of 500 or 800 notes, where they remain safe until they reach the bank.

This system, alongside a series of reporting and analytics extras, help businesses achieve greater productivity and overall security. Offering a complete suite of printable reports, the CCi allows you to keep track of your business’ daily cash flow and speed up the end-of-day reconciliation process.

  • Robust yet compact enclosure, design to fit in confined spaces, usually under a POS bench.
  • Deposited cash is stored neatly in patented tamper-evident bag, ready to go to the bank.
  • Security: level 3 security access – outer key, key plate, and user ID.
  • Real-time transaction data available via Blue-tooth, USB, Ethernet or RS232 port.
  • Event Log: 8,000 events logged with internal memory.
  • Offered as standard with management sobware (CashView), capable of monitoring one or multiple CCI units remotely.
  • Compatible with other SprintQuip monitoring and analytics software CashLantern, for complete visibility of cash.

An advanced, dual acceptor note deposit solution, the FireKing was designed to allow security and accountability in busy retail environments. Driven by an intuitive touch pad interface, this solution provides a high-level control of transactions and reporting, easy maintenance and remote serviceability – bringing unparalleled savings to a large number of businesses worldwide.

  • Dual bill validators with standard or high-capacity cassettes featuring single note or bulk note feeds
  • Detailed transaction reporting by user, day, or shift provides visibility of cash handling actvities
  • Unlimited number of users with the ability to store over 100k transactions to support discrepancy analysis
  • Network connectivity available via Ethernet or wireless
  • Email and RSS alerts enabling preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Printable help screens
  • High-speed thermal printer
  • Self-clearing capability
Fireking Cash Handler

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