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Metcash Alliance Partners customers can access preferred rates through Sprintquip on market-leading Cash Handling solutions

Cash Handling Technology has evolved significantly over the last few years, and cash counters now provide a high level of accuracy, reliability and speed at a relatively small price. The selection below includes a wide choice of premium products with proven track record and hundreds of units sold across Australia. Whether you want to count or weigh your notes, coins or both – SprintQuip has the right solution for you.

Designed for businesses wishing to streamline their cash processes while keeping the budget in check, the TiX1000 counts loose coins, notes, coupons and even tokens. Accurate and reliable, the TiX1000 allows Retailer to count a cash drawer and prepare for bank deposits in under a minute, making this portable note and coin scale one of SprintQuip’s best selling products of all time.

  • Easy to use and highly reliable thanks to the self-calibrating software.
  • Large high-resolution, backlit display enables the use of larger text and clear icons for quick and easy operation.
  • Faster count enables more audits and checks to be performed, identifying discrepancies in real time.
  • Bank deposits can be prepared promptly using the full roll and strap mode feature, alerting the user to any errors, while providing an overview of daily cash takings.
  • Damage resistant design.
Tix100 Cash Counter

The K2 is Kisan’s new compact, high-speed two-pocket sorter with internal memory and connectivity to Central Monitoring System and/or Cash Management Software.

The unit’s all-in-one modular sensors provide remarkable accuracy and counterfeit detection while the large 1000 note hopper, 4.3″ touch screen, and intuitive user interface ensure easy navigation and smooth operation. Designed for busy environments where efficiency and durability are critical, the Kisan K2 is ideal for any business wanting to process their cash quickly and accurately.

  • Large 500 note capacity hopper, 200 note stacker and 50 note reject pocket.
  • Smart Detection Module with UV, MG, IR and CIS sensors for remarkable accuracy each pass
  • Counts, authenticates and sorts banknotes by denomination, orientation, facing and fitness.
  • Speed: up to 1,200 notes/min in value counting, 1,000 notes/min in fitness.
  • 4.3″ Touch Screen and intuitive user interface and simple navigation mode.
  • Able to connect to the Central Monitoring System and Cash Management Software.
  • All data collected by the K2 can be also saved on a USB stick and downloaded on any PC as a *text* file.
K2 Cash Handler

Robust, efficient, and versatile, the Magner165 is the latest and more advanced note sorter of the SprintQuip range. The fastest in its class, the Magner165 offers increased productivity through continuous operation. It comes standard with UV, FL, IR, and superior magnetic counterfeit detection capabilities and multicurrency operation.

  • Easy to read display shows a variety of information and provides convenient graphic user interfaces.
  • Hopper capacity of 300 notes and stacker capacity of 200 notes.
  • Variable batch sizes are easily selectable from the Model 150 keypad (through 999).
  • Users are able to enter their names via the keypad to LCD display. By connecting to a printer, managers can see printed reports of what each user has counted.
  • RS232 interface connections are standard which allows the user to interface to optional external printer or PC.
  • All modes of operation can be easily programmed for the specific application desired. This enables the Model 150 to be customized for your needs, making it the most efficient unit on the market.
  • Routine operator maintenance is minimal and easy to accomplish for operators.
Magner 165 Cash Handler

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