Counterfeit Detectors

Metcash Alliance Partners customers can access preferred rates through Sprintquip on market-leading Counterfeit Detectors.

A series of recent incidents across Australia show that counterfeiting is on the rise and targets small shops and petrol stations. The recent release of the new series of banknotes makes it hard to validate notes at a first glance, so our consultant on the field find that Retailers are looking at ways to increase their protection – discreetly and without spending too much – for peace of mind. The DORS50 is an effective, inexpensive way to spot counterfeits instantly and with certainty, allowing you to stop them from entering in your business at the point of sale.

Benefits of the DORS50 Counterfeit Detector

With its powerful UV light, the DORS50 is the easy, affordable, compact solution to counterfeiting.

Used by cash-heavy businesses like fast food chains and large retail stores, the DORS50 allows to instantly spot counterfeits as soon as the notes are illuminated by the UV light.

Differently, from handheld UV light devices, the shape of the DORS50 allows to discreetly test a note even in well-lit environments like retail and grocery shops

Standard Functions Include:

  • Plug and play installation
  • 100% accuracy
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Temperature protected to prevent overheating (OHnS)
DORS50 Counterfeit Detector

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