In Store ATM

Cardtronics (formally known as DC Payments) is the leading provider of ATM’s in Australia, with more machines than any of the banks!

You can choose from stand alone or through the wall solutions – they can be self funded (you put the money in) or fully Serviced.

Importantly, Cardtronics have No Transaction Shortfalls – you know what your monthly payment is.

The benefits of a Cardtronics ATM in your store include:

  • Income opportunity through monthly rebates
  • Increase your sales through foot traffic
  • Customisable advertising, coupons and brand decals
  • PIN security – Triple DES PIN encryption, PCI compliant PINpad
  • Device security – Anti-skimming design, EMV chip card reader

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Important information: Not available to all customers. Specifications quoted were accurate at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Full Terms and Conditions available on application.**Australian Payments Clearing Association.